Cleaning Up


Hello Monday! Today I was cleaning up my stamping area. I had left items out from making James Valentine’s Day card last week. Since he won’t be home until Wednesday, I can’t share it until then. He reads my blog, hi honey!! 

I made his card from my Hello Lovely Project Life stash. As I was picking my cards back up to put away, I started looking through them. I really do love this Project Life set. And so I decided I would focus on making cards from Project Life this week. I might even add in a scrapbook page!

So come back tomorrow for my first card. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of what we will be using.  Until then, 

Happy stamping my friends!



So most of you know I haven’t been as consistent in my crafting as I normally am. I’ve been sick since October and in this time I’ve had a couple bouts of being very ill. It’s bothered me that I couldn’t craft like I normally do. This is a big outlet for my stress and well, that stress has kind of built up without any outlet to release it.

However, that being said, after this weekends events, I have decided to slow down and be present in the moment. So I am purposely taking the rest of this week off from my crafting. My mom is having her first eye surgery this week and will need my undivided attention for a couple days plus I am taking care of Jill, Parker and running people where they need to be. I am in no way complaining, just letting you know where I am at.

So until Monday, keep crafting and message me and let me know what you are creating. I’d love to see your work!

Occasions Unboxing


My second preorder from the Stampi Up! 2017 Occasions Catalog came early this week. I planned on unboxing it with you via Facebook Live on the 4th when the catalog went live but oops, I forgot! Sometimes life gets busy! 

But on a wonderful note, I have my video making area finally done and it’s working wonderfully! I can now make my own videos hands free!! Thanks to my son Parker for being my cameraman until now, but this stamper is ready to make more videos without having to have someone hold the camera.

Enjoy seeing all the new product. Now I have to try and put it all away.