Ahh my new blog!

I have a new craft blog!  About time, right?!  I took a break from blogging while I decided which blog site to use. While making those incredibly difficult decisions 😉  I did still craft.  I’ll bring you partially up to date.  And no, this isn’t everything I’ve made recently.

I still participate in the birthday club at Splitcoast Stampers.  That is SO much fun!  When I make these cards, I make approximately 15-20 at a time.  I love making the scallop cards because they are easy and quick to mass produce.  I’ve decided I will use these until I hit August then I will switch to a new card.  That will be a year of using them, so everyone on my list will get new ones.  And of course, I’m usually late.  But not after this weekend!  I will post about that later.

Ok, so here is what I’ve been doing!  I will post a tutorial later on how I make my scallop birthday cards. I know they are everywhere but I just love them!  And you will notice how I use both ribbon and baker’s twine.

My scallop BRAK cards.

Simple, easy and enjoyable!  Best part of making scallop cards.

Until next time!

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