Sharing What I Love to Do

I was holding a card class once and I said “Ladies I want to share with you tonight what I am passionate about and love to do.”  One of the more sarcastic ladies replied “Order your Stampin Up?”  “No,” I replied, “I do love to order from Stampin Up! but that has nothing to do with this class tonight.  Tonight I’m going to share my love of paper crafting.  I don’t care if you use Stampin Up! or any other product, but I want to share how much I love to create but more importantly how much I love to share that with others.”

So I am passing my love along to you guys and I am sharing.  The first person who can guess what card I am working on will win a Paper Crafting goody bag from me.  Leave a comment below.  Take a wild guess, you never know, you may be right! 

The first person with the correct answer will win.  Good luck!


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