Before and After

I told you Tuesday I was going to clean off my crafting board. I’m not sure what else to call it because it’s not a desk, it’s actually a tall kitchen island. And I love the height because I can stand and craft. I find when I’m standing I sometimes sway to the beat of the music I have playing or move my feet. Movement is good, I need more of it.

So anyway here is my before picture of my crafting board. Ugh it stressed me out to no end to have it messy. Granted messy shows I’m being creative but to actually create I need to start with clean. I may be a little weird. (a little?!)

And here it is now. Ready to be used. When I walk into the room the clean surface calls my name, asking me to make a new mess. I create, I get messy. True statement!

The only part that is not as clean as I like is my tin holder. I’m still trying to work out in my head what I want to use the bottom for instead of the catch all it is right now. And that’s my goal for today. Clean out the catch all. 

But first…..I think I’ll craft 😜 

My Plans for Today

I’ve been sick for the past week and I’m finally feeling better. So my plans for today are to clean up my crafting space. I’m always more productive when working in a clean space. How about you?

Holiday preview!!

Stampin Up! Has released their holiday catalog videos, early!! Since paper is my obsession, here is the link to the designer series papers that will be available. You can follow along with the other videos. There are 15 total!! But unless you speak French or German, you will only need 13. O my goodness, the new holiday papers are wow! Enjoy!